In this text, as I have already told the other, I will talk about lightweight laptops. Light. The range of lightweight laptops is quite wide and has been around for a long time. They are laptops of reduced size and weight, but with the characteristics of a normal laptop.

It is a category of laptops designed more than anything for the professional who needs to move around with a computer, and who in many cases does not look too much at the price (there are really expensive ones).

Main Features:

– Size and weight: A fairly small size, although in almost all cases larger than a Netbook, weighing more than 1000 grams, but rarely exceeding 2 kg.

– Battery: Lithium-Ion batteries, small in size and low in weight, in many cases high performance (up to 7 hours in some models).

– Graphics and screen: Graphics integrated into the chipset, with normal performance. TFT screen between 10» and 12.1», illuminated in many cases by LED.

– Processor: Here we already find a wide range of processors, although for consumption reasons they do not usually use high-end processors. Some models mount the Atom N270, but the normal thing is that they mount Intel (from Celeron M 353) or AMD Turion.

– RAM memory: Between 512 MB and 2 GB, DDR2 SODIM in more developed models, but normally integrated into the motherboard.

– Hard disk: 1.8» or 2.5» HDD, up to 160 GB capacity. In some models we can find SSDs of 30 GB or more.

– Optical readers: the 12.1» models generally include DVD burners or even, in certain top-of-the-range models, BluRay readers. Smaller ones usually don’t include optical drives for space reasons.

– Connectivity: This is a very neat question in this type of portable which generally offers the whole range of the market (Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth in many cases, 3G in certain models…). They also have USB ports for connecting peripherals.

– Multimedia: integrated sound and in almost all cases integrated webcam.

– Operating system: Linux, Windows XP Home or Windows Vista, depending on the model.

– Price: Here you can find everything, including models that come close to 3,000 euros. Some manufacturers have design patterns in this category, reaching for leather-lined cases, ultralight metals and others.

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