Papervision 3d and web apps

Nowadays, web applications with striking and interactive GUI are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to Papervision 3D, you can create 3D web applications with high content and easy administration for its creator. Papervision 3D is a collection of Flash-readable libraries, so by combining Flash programming with the amazing expression of Papervision 3D, you can create a website or web application that will amaze everyone who sees it. This is why graphic designers who make websites include this type of work on their resumes, because since the release of Papervision 3D it has been steadily increasing, and since it works with Flash, it is easy to put in work. Even going further, it is not only used for the web, but there are also commercials in major cities where you can see «Powered by Adobe Macromedia».

This great company never ceases to amaze and if 3D can now also be integrated into Flash designs, I am sure that more and more companies will bet on innovative designs that capture the customer’s attention thanks to a dynamic interface and quite attractive, as these designs usually have a high graphic quality and make it an interactive movie, where the viewer can interact with the elements presented in the design. If you look for examples of Papervision 3D on the Internet, more than one of you will be surprised by what this set of libraries for Flash does, and although it is not yet well established among web designers, it is in increase, because brands have already opted for this type of application such as Nike or games like Little Big Planet.

Papervision 3D will make Internet communication a world of interaction between 3D images and users and opportunities to present information in a very attractive and striking way, presenting dynamic and manageable content as if it were of a website made with PHP, because Flash can also communicate with PHP, and combining these two languages ​​and the power of Papervision 3D, I have no doubt that soon it will be what we see on the Internet.

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